Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ideas to increase longevity of mattress; use fan correctly and how to handle a stinking kitchen sink

Hello everyone :). Hope all is well. Today's topic is based on some general things we do at our household.  I thought sharing those will help you all too.

*Mattress: I know most of us have a mattress at home. Usually me and my husband take sides and always sleep on the same side everyday. Of course our weights are not the same and our pressure point are not the same. Whatever mattress you have , it is always good to change the sides of the mattress at regular intervals as shown in the figure so that the life time of the mattress is longer.

*Fan blade cleaning: Cleaning fan blades has always been a big hassle. It is double work to clean the fan blades and then clean the floor. Then I found this magic duster online Click here to see. This is an excellent product. It has an extendable rod so you dont need chairs or ladders. Since it has double sided brush the dust doesn't fall on the ground and it captures all of it. It can also be used as a duster to dust spots that are hard to reach. It cleans up to 6'' wide blades. Last time when my mom visited me she saw this and she wanted one for her to dust fans in India.

*Fan blades direction change: You also have to change the direction in which the blades rotate based on the season. During winter it is better to have fan blades  rotate in clockwise direction so that the air does not fall on you directly  and make you feel chilly and during summer it is better to rotate  fan blades  in anti-clockwise direction for air to fall on you directly. In some fans it might be opposite. So just stand under your fan and see which works best for each season and rotate it , this way you can use it correctly.

*Smelly kitchen sinks: I recently learnt this from my friends. Usually if you live in US one sink will have a crusher. That sink always  gives out a bad odor due to the  things that get collected in it. My friends told me to squeeze some lemon juice into that hole, I did and it worked like a magic. No more bad odor.

Hope all these tips will help you. Please add some more of what all you do so I can learn from you all. Also you might be interested in other Money saving posts. Please check them as it might be useful to you.

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