Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Want to know about an habit that spoils your day??

Hello All, it is Wednesday 10 pm. As promised , I am here with the article, on a habit that spoils your whole day.

Before we go into the article, I have a new name  for the blog."IndoUSmoms". Please change your bookmarks from the old one to this. The URL has changed from "" to "".

A very good pizza place in Austin. They serve Pasta and Pizza. The deal is $9 for value of  $16 . Check out this groupon Mangieri's Pizza cafe.

I  always wondered what data structure the brain made of. It is a queue?? or  linked list ?? . I dont know what search algorithm it uses.  It also controls many actions of our body. Don't you think it is our duty to keep it in good shape??

So what does the brain really need ??. We think that we work the whole day and we are tired  by the end of the day and we do nothing when we sleep. A recent research has shown that during sleep ,our brain does the below things :

*Makes decisions : It processes all the information of that day.  All this processed information  during night will be used while making decisions during the day.
*Creates and consolidates memories: It consolidates all the memory and links between old and new
*Makes creative connections: Sleep is a powerful creativity-booster. During sleep , brain can make creative connections that it cannot make during the day.
*Clears toxins out: Brain does a lot of housekeeping during sleep.If we dont have a good nights sleep, our brain will not be able to clear out the toxins which when collected over period could lead to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
*Learns and remembers how to perform physical tasks: It remembers how some routine tasks have to be done. This is one of the reasons kids need more sleep.

Also to get a good night sleep, we should avoid reading books in our bedroom, as an interesting book could keep you awake, do a lot of physical activity during the day, keep your bedroom dark and  dont have a TV in your bedroom. Basically the mind should associate your bedroom to only sleep.

One major habit, which I think really keeps us all awake is checking our smart phone near bed.  The light from the phone keeps us awake since the brain thinks it is still day time.If you dont get a good 7-8 hrs sleep your brain does not do any of the above things and finally you struggle the next day at work and it spoils your whole day. So keep this in mind and act. As usual share your thoughts on this topic .

Stay tuned to read about a topic related to "work life of a couple "on Sunday at 10 pm, have a wonderful night and sleep tight :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I love the traffic these days ,want to know why???

Another busy week and weekend. Got to meet an old friend and chatted about good old memories, on how  life was before kids , how we spent our weekend nights playing board games etc.. After we moved to Austin , life has really changed for us and I am happy about the change !!!

This looks like a very good deal in Kimberly-Clark 04460 Scott 2-Ply Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue, White (Case of 80 Rolls) for 55$ and free shipping. It always never hurts to stock up on these.

Everywhere the traffic is increasing. Especially in Austin,compared to the time  when we moved in,the traffic has increased tremendously. I know people who have "high blood pressure" just due to driving in traffic and some people develop something called "traffic tension". Everyday it takes at least 40 minutes for us to reach our kid's school from home and in the evening we are at least in the car for 1 hr -1 hr 30 mins. For people who have their home,work and kid's school/day care all  close by is really a boon.

 One thing that took me time to understand is," no use getting frustrated". We follow some things that help us through this ,so just thought will share it with all of you.

* Try to start early so you don't rush to reach a place. This is very hard to follow. We are trying our best so that we have enough time to reach school or work.
*Some days if you are late just accept it and mentally be prepared to reach that place late, than driving too fast.
*We usually try to carpool and so the time spent in traffic is mostly family time and we also split the drive so we have company in the car.
*Morning's we teach our kids "sloga's" that keep them diverted.
*After chanting all the slogas, if it takes even more time we play some other devotional songs.
*Evenings if there is a peak traffic, I break the drive and take them to a park when the weather is nice and then drive later when the traffic slows down.

All this can be done only with very good planning. I plan in such a way that ,even when we get  home late in the evening, we have food on the table within 20-30 mins.

 Please add what all you do to keep yourself sane when stuck in traffic. Also stay tuned to know about a habit  that really spoils your whole day to be posted on Wednesday at 10 pm. I AM PLANNING TO CHANGE THE NAME OF MY BLOG TO SOMETHING MORE MEANINGFUL. Stay tuned to know what that is and please book mark it. Good night and have  a wonderful week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

EAD for H4 a dream come true??

What a wonderful long weekend. On Saturday, love was in the air, the weather was amazing here in Austin. We went to a beautiful peacock park called the May field Preserve on 35th Street. I recently came to know about this park and took our kids there. Kids had a lot of fun looking at the peacocks and it is a must see in Austin.
                                                       One of the peacock in the park
 Next thing on Saturday was "Cricket". India won the match against Pakistan and next week we are geared to watch the India Vs South Africa. Hope India does well in that match too :). ESPN offers a package to watch cricket  for $99.99 

I have always wanted to buy a slow cooker and have finally got it. Hamilton 8 Quart crock-pot  for $35.54 and free shipping. Did not find this price in any other store. I am all excited to make more dishes and will share some with you in the future.

I recently read from a Face Book group "H4 visa, a Curse"  and this is what it said :
"As shared by many active members of the group - H4 visa EAD Rule has been submitted to the OMB. It is not the Final implementation of the Rule. Please check the steps involved in a Rule making process as well -
Official link for the OMB submission - It will take 30 - 60 days to complete the review.
Hopefully the Final H4 visa EAD Rule is coming soon. Thanks"

This made made me curious to know more about EAD for H4 . You have to fall into one of these 2 categories for your spouse to be eligible to get EAD to work in the US:

1) Approved I 140  which is the 2nd stage in Green card Processing through employer after Labor certification.

                                                         (or )

2) Have your H1B extended beyond 6 years. Which means that your Green card or Permanent Resident process is in pending beyond 6 years of H1B.

So from the above conditions it is very clear that  spouses of people ,who just got out  of college and got their H1B approved and then got married  will not be eligible to work immediately in the US. This will surely at least benefit people who have waited so long in frustration , and there is some light at the end of the tunnel for others to be hopeful that they can get EAD once they are eligible for one of the above conditions. 

 I know many H4  friends who are eager to do something to contribute financially to their family. Some of my friends who have a Permanent residence try to see how they can get out of tech and do something else.

Hope this brings some light to some of the immigrant families and for all others the wait continues. I just feel like life is a waiting game and many things are not in our control. Only when we realize that and take control on things we can and move forward we can achieve wonders. Have a wonderful rest of the week and stay tuned.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Costco and Amex to break up ??

Hello everyone, hope all of you are looking forward to the weekend. We had team lunch and  a party at work, that makes me think today is Friday. I just finished writing the valentine's day cards for my kids classes. Though it is tiring , I always like to write these cards.

I was looking for a good deal for car wash and detail and found this one Genie car wash $39 for $80 worth of car wash and $119 for $258 worth of interior and exterior detailing. This is a good deal as the basic car wash is $14.99 and you can use it multiple times. I see more than 450 people have bought so it has to be a good one.

Most of us who shop at Costco have an Amex card , since Costco only accepts Amex cards or you have to use your debit card. Sometimes I thought it was just ridiculous, they make people get an Amex card even if you don't want one. Also many times we see people from Amex standing there and asking if we wanted to apply for an Amex card. I have always wondered how Amex managed to pull this contract with Costco, and thought "what a smart move by them".

Now after 13 years, their contract is ending as of March 31st 2016 and looks like  is not going to be a renewed after that. Amex CEO announced that "We are not able to reach terms that would make economic sense for our company and share holders". Amex shares are already down by 7%. Amex also announced that this would affect the revenue of the company for next 2 years and growth will be flat during 2015 as they prepare for this contract termination.

In Canada,Capital One and Master Card are card partners for Costco. It is expected that they will replace Amex in United States . On this speculation the share prices of Capital One has increased by 2%. Both Costco and Capital One has not made any announcements yet.

Hope Amex gets out of this. I remember my husband's uncle once mentioning that it , in early 80's it was very difficult to get approved for an Amex card . These days card approvals are sent to our doorstep and there are so many card companies that fight for a piece of the meat. That is also one of the reason for such break ups. Please share your thoughts.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

How to reduce STRESS STRESs STREss STRess STress Stress stress ??

What a wonderful weather on a weekend. Valentines day is around the corner and it is going to be a year since I started writing this blog. Check out my post on Valentines day last year. I never thought I would write for a year !!!.

There is a very good deal on Stainless steel hands free soap dispenser . This is a very good deal for $6.47 and also has very good reviews. This product is very useful esp with kids around. Grab yours soon.

Most of our lives are  stressed out. Initially I thought the reason for my stress is that I have 2 kids and I try to manage home and work. Surprisingly when I talk to some of my friends who are stay at home moms , they are also stressed out about something else. Some of the reasons that I think  for stress are that we all try to achieve more that we can we can. We multi -task most of the times.  We are never happy with what we have. If we fail to do the planned things ,we brood over it and stress ourselves even more.We always want to provide the best for others in our family especially our kids. Sometimes there is no reason but still we are stressed out and no time for anything. I think most of you will agree with me on this.

Yesterday at work I attended a seminar presented by a volunteer from "Art of Living". The main focus of the seminar was to reduce stress. I was determined to attend this to know more on how to lead a simpler life.  The person pointed out the main reasons for our stress or unhappiness is due to the nature of our  mind
*Our mind always tends to focus on the negatives
*Our mind always likes to linger around the past like regret (If I have done that.....)
*Our mind is anxious or fearful of the future

This made so many things clear to me, we do more than we can, so that we don't get  into the negative thoughts of the feeling that "we are not capable" in the fear of future. Being aware of this and controlling your mind is important and it can be done by meditation.  Also other things that he mentioned that are worth while sharing are:

* We always tend to post pone happiness. When we are in our teen we think we will be happy when we go to college, when we are in college we think we will be happy when we get a job and start working, when we get a job we think happiness is to get married , then kids , then when kids get out of the house etc...we never think at present moment we are happy
*The only way to be in present is by meditation and breathing skills

 "Being in the present" , that is something very hard .I am trying to see how far I can follow this mathra , hope some of you will benefit from this . Please share your thoughts :) 

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