Thursday, March 17, 2016

Planning a camping trip?? Check this out

Spring is the right time to get out and have fun. Usually we plan  out a fun camping trip during this season to enjoy the nature. We want to be outdoors and also want to enjoy the little luxuries that we are used to in our own home.During camping  trips , we have so many things to plan out. We have to decide the days  of the trip, decide  a place and work out many  other trip details. We always forget to take some small things and we get reminded of it only after we leave home or even worse once we reach the destination. Just think about how many times you have done it.

When we camp at remote places it is hard to find a store and buy things.When you forget things it is a big deal. So how do we make sure we take everything?? . Don't worry, there is a solution.Making an extensive list always helps. It makes you think ahead .Plan out the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and take more than required since during vacation we tend to eat more than usual. Also with experience you will  add more things to the list.To help you all with the process I have an extensive list of camping essentials from one of my friend , I have found this very useful. Also I have some links to products that have good review, check them out as well.

Shelter :
Tent , Ground cloth/ tarps(2), Hammer/ Axe

Sleeping bags , Sheets/ blankets, Utility bags for storage , Comforters ,Pillows

Water bottles,Cooler, Ice, Stove,Propane tank ,Matches, Lighter,Firewood , Fire liquid ,fire extinguisher, Table cloth , Plates/ bowls/ tumblers Spoons/ forks/ napkins, Aluminium foil, Paper towel, Trash bags , Dish soap/ scotch brite , Containers for food ,cooking oil , cooking pots ,spatula, knife, ladels, tongs, peeler ,can opener, cutting board ,ziplock bags,Sugar/ salt/ pepper ,chilli powder,
turmeric powder,jeera powder ,spices,ghee/ butter, Tea, bru ,cheese sticks ,Milk, banana/ grapes/berries ,cheerios,chips ,snacks,Tava,Frying pan (upma, curry) ,Deep pan (for boiling milk)
Personal :
Shower shows/ flip flops ,Towels/ wash cloth ,Shower gel/ shampoo ,Toothbrush/ paste ,Mouth wash, Deodrant, Comb, Razor, Feminine products,Toilet paper ,5 gallon bucket ,Medications,Contact lens/ solution,Sunglasses/ regular glasses ,Cell phones and chargers,Quarters for shower

Miscellaneous :
Sunscreen,Chapstick/ Vaseline ,Extra batteries/ bulbs,Natural no deet bug repellant,Camera,Books/ magazines/ puzzles,Camp chairs ,Portable fan,First aid kit ,Tissues ,park map/ trail map,Marshmallows, graham crackers, hershey bars (smores),Flashlight/ batteries, Pocket knife, Playing cards/ games ,Tennis ball ,Beach ball and hat, Frisbee,Duct tape ,reservation info/ confirmation ,Notepad/ pen ,umbrella,Money/ID/credit card ,scissors ,hats ,Walking/ playing shoes.

Kid's stuff :
Diapers, wipes,sippy cups ,Snacks - gold fish, yogurt etc,blanket,night dress,books,non toxic baby Sunscreen , swim diaper,floaters,hats ,sunglasses , Probiotics, medicines.

Please share this with people whom you think it will be useful, also add other items that you think 
will be useful.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fun things to do with kids during spring break in Austin !

Happy women's day to all the wonderful ladies. I attended an event organized at my work place on March 8th. I t was a wonderful event with loads of information on women empowerment .The day was well spent.

The famous Indian-Asian fusion restaurant ,MASALA WOK  in Austin has a groupon deal. Click here to get the deal . This is one of my favorite restaurant. They have Naan, Rice, Noodles and gravy. Click here to view the menu.

 Next week is spring break. If you haven't planned anything ,dont worry.There are some fun things  you can do with your kids in Austin.

Austin Rodeo :From march 12-26 Rodeo Austin Carnival is open. you can buy a one day pass here . It is $8 for adults and $5 for kids.

Library: You can always take them to a library. Through out the week there are several events. Check for events in library here

Austin Public park events : There are some events conducted by Austin public park. Check here for more details 

Thinkery : You can go to thinkery on Wednesday.. It is open from  10am – 8pm (Community Night from 4 – 8pm – admission by donation). To know more about thinkery check this post Does thinkery really  make you think ? 

SXSW has many free events. Get your free pass here. There are some free family events that you can check here  

Egg hunt : Easter egg hunt is a good way to keep kids engaged and it is a lot of fun. There is a free event in Barton Creek Mall and Lake line mall. Check here for more info .

Check this post for more ideas on places to visit around Austin. Have a wonderful Spring break. Do share this post with people whom you think it will be useful to. 

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Friday, March 4, 2016


Have you ever wondered "What am I doing with my life?? Where is all this going? , Why am I working so hard? What am I running behind?". These thoughts often come to my mind and makes me feel  overwhelmed.

All of us at some point think how did our parents manage everything?. Most of our lives are fast paced and we somehow try to fit so many things into it. Also we are guilty about the things we cant do.Everyone I speak to have their own problems. Some you can share with people around you but some most people around you cannot relate to.

So how we we pause the mad race that we all are running. Is it even possible. As kids grow the responsibilities keep changing for us and there is always something to do. After kids we have to constantly keep adapting and changing.How can we do all this??. This leads to stress and the mental stress starts showing up in your physical health.

Dont worry there are some solutions. At every stage of your life when you feel overwhelmed you need to analyze these things:

1)Am I prioritizing things that  I need in life: Always think what is the most important thing in life at that point.
2) Am I doing something for myself that bring joy to me: Find something that you enjoy. Blog writing and sharing things  is my biggest stress buster.
3) Am I feeling guilty of something: Sometimes we cant provide our kids fresh food always. Dont be guilty it is ok.
4) Are there some things that I am  doing that I can cut down on: Sometimes we want our kids to learn everything and stress too much about the classes they go to. See if you can cut some.
5)Everything happens for a reason : Yes everything happens for a reason. Most incidents in our life happen for a reason and we need to see what it teaches us.
6)Always think about how to slow down : Try to take a day for yourself in between when possible.
7) Come to terms with certain things: If your house is not clean always come to term with it and it is perfectly ok.

These are some things that I try to follow. First we need to keep us mentally and physically happy only then we can spread it to others in our family. I know many of us will be in the same boat, please share what all you do keep yourself happy and spread the joy to others.

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