Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Healthy and Quick breakfast ideas !!

My week is sailing through slowly. Getting into routine after a vacation is really tough. Trying our best.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of our day. The name clearly states that we break our fast after sleeping through the night. Usually it is a good practice to drink a glass of water as the first thing in the morning. Following that you have to eat breakfast within one hour of waking up.

When I was young, I remember having south Indian delicacies like idly, pongal, dosai, poori or upma for breakfast. These days we dont have the time to make all that. It is a fast paced life and in most household both parents work and they are always on the go. I looked up some healthy breakfast ideas and we follow this at our home now. I thought of sharing it with you all

1) Oats with milk and sugar: This is the most favorite. We all like this. It is simple to make. Boil oats in water for a few minutes once it is cooked add some milk and sugar.

2) Smoothie: This is becoming big these days. Most of us have a Vitamix at home. You can put in fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, honey, milk, avocado whatever you feel like having and have a smoothie.

3) Home-made Yogurt+ Berries+ Granola: This is our house favorite, kids love to eat it and it is also healthy.

4) Eggs: I am not a great fan of eggs, but I like the egg white omelette, my husband loves scrambled eggs and omelette. Our kids haven't developed a taste for it yet.

5) Bread: We always get wholegrain or Honey+ Sprouted wheat bread and have a toast with a spread. I love the spicy spread from Trader Joe's.Peanut butter + Jelly is our house favorite

6) High Fiber low sugar cereal: Kids love Cheerios , we try different cereal every time. We love everything with a pinch of cinnamon and nuts on them.

7) Breakfast Bar: This is the last resort when we really wake up very late and dont have the time to fix any breakfast.

8) Milk and Orange Juice: You can have one of these along with the breakfast.

9) Quiche: My husband makes this quick quiche

 On weekends I usually try to make pancake or waffle for my kids with fruits. Usually they have a fruit as morning snack at school , so I dont give them a fruit during weekday. Also I try to make poha, idly or dosa during weekend mornings. Sometime we have the normal breakfast that we eat during weekdays also.

 I am pretty sure each household have your own hidden breakfast tips, please do share them. If you found this post useful do like my FB page IndoUSMoms and also follow me on twitter @IndoUSMoms
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