Sunday, April 27, 2014

My first American wedding

What an amazing weekend!!. Full of events, Saturday morning my son had a field trip to the Botanical Garden, then we attended my friend's wedding. Sunday morning we had breakfast at our friend's place ,then I called some of my friends home for some tea. In spite of so many things happening I still got ready for my week. many things accomplished, I am really happy.

Coming to today's topic, this Saturday I attended my first American wedding. This was my first one and I was all excited about it. My friend was planning for  this wedding for over a year and a half. She is my colleague at work. In October 2012, her boyfriend proposed to her . From my experience on seeing Indian weddings which happen a few months after the girl and the boy meet, I thought this would also be the same. I was planning on taking my maternity leave soon, so I told her then, "please plan your wedding after my maternity leave ". She said dont worry, it wont be until April of 2014. I was very surprised. But after seeing the wedding  I am convinced that it takes so much time to plan everything and to pay attention to  small details.

Me and the bride

Distinct differences I noticed  between my wedding and this one were:
*Small crowd:  If you read this post Our Wedding story I would have mentioned how many people attended our wedding. In this wedding only the people who knew the bride and the groom well were invited. I always thought that when there are more people it is lot more fun. This wedding made me thing about that, as the small crowd  that was there was  able to connect to the couple well.
*Pictures: Pictures were taken only with family members. I really like this as I have so many strangers in my wedding album, whom I have never seen in my life.
*Ceremony time: Usually Hindu Indian weddings take at least 2-3 days. This one was only for 2-3 hours and still very emotional and nice to watch.
*It is all about the bride and the groom: I liked the way the bride and groom are give full importance to choose what and how the wedding should take place, right from the songs for each event. In our wedding we do get to choose some things but it is mostly the parent's wish.
*Friends, friends ,friends: The couple are always surrounded by their best friends , and they keep laughing around with them. Even in our weddings this will happen but I saw it more in this wedding.
*Dance: There is lot of dancing involved, especially it gives importance to relationship between dad and the daughter and mom and the son.
*Toast: This was the best part that I liked, people who come and talk about the bride and the groom. I really like this, hope we follow this in our wedding as well.
* Gifts: This one I must mention. The bride and the groom create an online  registry of things that they want as gift from others , you can order it online well before the wedding and so when you  attend the wedding you dont have to take your gifts. It is one less headache for the host as well as the people who attend the wedding. I really wish we follow this in our wedding also.
We had a wonderful night and thanks to my friend for inviting  us and I wish them a "Happy married life".

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