Sunday, November 30, 2014

Where are we ????

Hello All, Hope all of you  enjoyed the thanks giving break and did shopping as well. We  had a nice break  and did a lot of  shopping and also did something that we have wanted to do for years. One very good deal suggested by our friend is a groupon for a robot cleaner , Click here to see the deal. I personally think this is a very good deal , you get a $599 cleaner for $199. You have one more day for the deal to be over.

Tuesday afternoon me and my husband  took off from work , went for lunch at "Thai Spice" the best Thai restaurant that you can find in Austin and then to a movie.We had to decide between "Dumb and Dumber to" and "Interstellar". We had to go to pick up the kids around  5 p.m.  I heard from one of my friend that you need to know "quantum physics" if you are  to watch interstellar. I was not very thrilled by that. Since this was our first movie together  alone after 4 yrs.... I just wanted to go "Dumb and Dumber to " and have a nice laugh and not think about  "physics" or anything for that matter and head out.

My husband really wanted to watch "Interstellar" since it was the movie to be watched in a big screen. Gosh !!! I just realized that these days we have no time to argue on anything. With 2 kids around, we are always running errands or have some chores to do. If at all there is an argument, we just say "No time for that now" and focus on next thing to do. Finally we decided to watch "Interstellar".

After we got out of the theater my husband  was so much awed by the story and the way the director had screened it.  Some things I never understood in the movie. My only comment was "The movie is too long".  My husband was so much into the movie that he never answered to any of my questions in the theater. I had them all in my mind. After we were out ,slowly I asked him each question , he looked at me and said " I am confused whether we both went to the same movie". My husband was still so much into the movie that he forgot directions  to my kids school. We went somewhere and then he asked " Where are we?? This movie made me forget everything now. Do you know where we are? "I have very bad direction sense check this post Common sense is common what about direction sense? but I never admit that to him. I just told him that because of the movie even I forgot everything :).   We figured out the directions and then he continued explaining.

After he explained I understood the entire plot  and thought to myself "We have already heard this type of story in our Hindu mythology based on time travelling" one such example is King Raivata of Sun dynasty who travels to see Brahma to Brahma-lok and Brahma explains about time difference in earth and brama-lok".The movie was amazing no doubt about that but I feel the story was  not anything novel , but I really appreciate  the director for bringing it to reality on screen and make people forget about everything else for those 2 and half hours. I am pretty sure that this movie will sweep many awards in Oscar. Please share your thoughts on this :)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Deals Deals and More Deals !!!

Hello All, I am pretty sure all of you are looking for deals all over. Some good deals  are worth buying online and some  in store  door busters. I have listed a combination of deals that I think are worthwhile to check :

1) Costco deals are from Nov 28-30th. There is  a very good deal on this laptop. Dell Inspiron 15 inch 5000 series 15.6 inch with Intel core i7 processor 8 B memory 1TB hard drive Touchscreen Laptop for $749 $599.99  .You save $150. My friend suggested that this is a very good deal.

2)Kids night ware are $7.99 $9.99

3) There is a 10$ off of Google chrome cast at costco

4)There is a lot of deals on Amazon right now and they are being claimed by the minute. To see them all click here These are some things which I thought are interesting

*Trash can: If you are looking for a stainless sensor trash can , there is a good lightning deal on this trash can NST Nine Stars DZT-42-1 Infrared Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Lid Open Trash Can, 11.1-Gallon

*If you are looking to organize some things in garage this is a good buy Evriholder Magic Holder 5-position Wall organizer . There is a lighting deal and this is for $7.99

*If you are looking for a stainless steel set this is a good one Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set.

*This mono pod is a really good deal GoScope - GoPro® HERO4 Telescoping Pole / Monopod: Expands 21" out to 34.5"

*If you are looking for an in sinkator this is a good deal InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer

*This is a very good coat for women. The fur hood is detachable which I like BCBGeneration Women's Mid Length Packable Down Coat with Fur Hood

*This is a very good deal on portable phone charger Portable phone charger

*This is a very nice deal on a vacuum cleaner Shark Navigator lift-away

5)There is a 50% off clothes at Bana Republic, Gymboree if you are planning to go shopping.

6)JC Penny also has a lot of deals on clothes, towels, appliances and 60% off on coats.

Please post some deals that you all ought in my Face Book page and also like my page to follow me.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Amazing deals at Amazon !!!

Hello All,  I hope you all have an idea on the Walmart deals, today lest us look at Amazon deals. Amazon offers a free 30 day trial to Amzon Prime and this would be the right time to apply for it now here Join Amazon Prime - Listen to Over a Million Songs - Start Free Trial Now. so you can get free shipping on all deals.You can also gift this to your loved ones Shop Amazon - Give the Gift of Amazon Prime. Coming to the deals, Amazon has a very different strategy. Right from Nov 21st they are going to introduce new deals everyday fro 8 days , every 10 minutes. This is a little difficult to track but you can sign up for their deals or check out the below
1) These are the TV deals going to be available . Check this page to know more TV Deals
    *Toshiba 50 inch LED LCD HDTV for $199
    *Vizio 50 inch 1080p LED HDTV for $478

2) Cell phone and accessories Cell Phone and Acessories
   *LG L3 Andriod smart phone for one cent with 2 year contract.
   *HTC M180 Windows smartphone for one cent with 2 year contract

3) Get deals on Toys here Toys
  * Buy one and get one free on Fisher Price Toys
  *Crayola imagination art case $19 $39
  *Leap frog leapband  $24.99   $39.99

4) Get deals on computers here Computers
    *Specific Apple product deals check here Apple products
     *Ipad mini 16GB wi-fi for $245 $329.99

5)Get deals on Patio Lawn and Garden
   More than 50% off on Black and Decker Lithium Ion Cordless sweeper $87 $157 
   50% off on Cusinart All foods roll away gas grill $199  $249.99
More than 50% off on Viverie Hammock $102 $159

6) Get deals on beauty products here Beauty 
     Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Mens shaving system for $170 $269
     Oral B Tooth brushes $69  $96
     Nivea men skin products $17 $24
    35% off cover girl outlast all day 2 step lip color
    Eatsmart bathroom scale $28  $59

7) Check here for deals on Automotive

8) Check here for deals on Jewellery

Stay tuned to know more about Costco deals on next post. For all those travelling have a safe trip see you all soon with another post.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Check out Walmart Thanks Giving deals 2014 !!!

Hello All...Happy Thanks Giving !!!.All of us are looking forward to the Thanks giving break next week and also for deals on what to buy . I have created a Face Book  page for this blog Preethi's Blog  please like this to follow my blog.

The first store I am analyzing for deals is Walmart.These are the deals pre-thanks giving :). I have listed some of the interesting ones I found

1) Best deal only available in store is Emerson 40 inch 1080p 120Hz Class LED HDTV for  Soon $115.

2)  If you are looking for laptops /tablets

Samsung chrome book for $212 $299

HP Laptop 15 -f039wm Laptop PC with Intel Celeron N2830 Processor, 4GB memory ,500 GB Hard drive and windows 8.1 for $249 $290

3) If you are into baking this is a good deal Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe 4-Quart Stand Mixer for
Now $20 $34.88

 3) If you are looking for a printer and scanner this is a great deal Cannon PIXMA MG 2920 Wireless Inkjet All-in-one Printer/Copier/Scanner for Now $19 $39

4) Electric shaver ..this is a good deal for $69.95 $89.95

5) This Vacuum cleaner deal is really a good one for $98 $168. You save $70

Also look for the Walmart deals by clicking below USA, LLC

Stay tuned to know more about other stores and online shopping. Please comment in my Face Book of the deals you know so I can also know.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Travelling to India with kids?? Check this post :)

Holiday season is around the corner and I am sure all of you have plans to travel.I know many people travelling to India during this season. All of you have a safe and nice trip. Some people travelling with kids requested me to write about the things to pack for the kids. Here you go!!!

Usually I will create a checklist of items to take. You always tend to forget something or the other. You can always buy things in India, so dont panic. These are the things I got before India trip
1) Make sure you talk to your pediatrician about the trip and get malaria medicine for the kids if you are going around the season where mosquitoes are a lot there.
2) Pack all the basic kids medicine
   1)Pain and fever reducer Infant fever reducer
   2) Kids Thermometer
   3)We gave our kids probiotic two times a day . This is the one we took Florastor kids . It was very useful when our daughter had diarrhea.
   4)Get this all natural mosquito repellent Mosquito repellent. Get a couple of onesiezes for small kids and spray this on the exposed portions so you can avoid mosquito bites.
    5) Get this Pedialyte, it will be helpful when the kids are dehydrated.
    6)Desitin diaper rash cream. This was very useful when my daughter had diaper rash.
3)Take enough diapers, you can use those there and it wont add up to the weight when you come back.
4)If your kid is still nursing or bottle fed continue that so you can give milk after they are back. Also if they eat cereal still make sure you take some, it will be very useful during flight journey.
5) Even if your kid is potty trained take some pull ups their size and have it in your diaper bag , we used few diapers on or potty trained son during emergency.
6)Always have something to eat and drink for the kids through out the travel time. You never know what they will be cranky about.
7) Have some band aid handy. Whenever my son fell down I would just put a band aid and things were drama free.
8)Make sure you take head phones for the kids so they can enjoy the in flight entertainment if they are 4-5 years of age.
9) I took some pens and paper for them to write. Some stickers and some small books to keep them occupied. I traveled without an IPAD. But if you are taking one take the required charger for it.
10)Dont forget the stroller. It is very much required with small kids.

 If you have something in particular that I missed please feel free to add. And again as usual leave your comments here.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Want to know what things to do for winter in your household???

Hello All, Hope all is well. It is really cold here in Austin. Hope the weather gets better next week. I personally dont like winter since we cannot go out much and by the time we get home it is dark.Kids are also bored during weekends. Please pass on some ideas to keep kids engaged at home and also outdoor activities to take kids out. I follow some things like puzzles, coloring , reading books. I feel they watch more TV now than summer  :).

 When I think of winter there are some things that we make sure that we do in our household. I will list them so  you all can know more about it 
1) Make sure you turn off the sprinkler system.We usually dont water the lawn during winter as it is not needed.
2) We usually keep the temperature low on the thermostat and we buy personal heaters,we have this one Personal room heater so that you dont have to heat the whole house.
3) When turning on heaters make sure you have humidifiers also on so the room will not be that dry and it is easier for kids to breathe. We have this humidifier Humidifier there is a sale on this check it out.
4)Watch out on the amount of water you use, in Austin, there is a meter  to measure water usage but there is no meter to measure the amount of water that goes through the drainage system. The city measures the water usage  during mid-November to mid- March and averages it out throughout the year in your bill for waste water. Our friend told us about it . So please make sure you watch on your water usage.To know more about it read here Waste water Average FAQ
5) Make sure you bring your plant pots inside the house and also add more mulch to the roots of the trees so that the trees dont die. You can buy something like this to transport the plants Pot transporter
6)Change the direction of fan blades if you use it so that it will bring the hot air down.
7)Also there is a winter car care package from Firestone for $9.99. Click here to make an appointment Firestone online appointment. Make sure you do this check to have the car safe to be on the roads during winter.

Also I am looking forward to the "Thanks Giving" break. Hope I can relax a bit and do some shopping too. Please pass on some good deals if you come across. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend and will see you all soon with more posts. Wow I really missed updating my blog. Read this post to know more about missing things Missing-someone-or-something-or-being missed?? Have you experienced this?? Take care and stay tuned :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Missing someone or something or being missed !!!!! have you experienced this ??

Hello Friends, I am really happy to write a post after a long time. We were on vacation for a few weeks and I am  realizing  how difficult it is to get back to "THE ROUTINE" .We all need a break to at least realize how crazily we are running around doing things. Even my vacation was hectic , let me come to that later. The moment we reached home was when I realized how much we all  missed  "OUR HOME". My son came running to me after we entered our home after vacation and said "Thank you appa and amma for buying me this house and my bed. I really like it !!!(though he never sleeps in his own bed ).

For all of you looking to buy nice stainless steel set I found this one online and I really feel that it is a very nice set for the price Cuisinart-77-7-Classic-Stainless-Cookware The biggest plus in this product is the stainless steel lids that doesn't break easily as the glass ones.You can use this or gift it to someone.  Has really great reviews, check it out.

After we came back from vacation all our friends were so nice to help  us settle very quickly. We got basic groceries and food delivered. We got dinner invites and above all when I heard the word " We missed you all so much welcome back" I was very very happy. I dont know how to express that feeling. Thanks to all our friends who made our transition very smooth.

Even at work some of my co-workers told me that "they missed me". All this makes my life worthwhile and happy that I have touched the heart of some people in some way. The highlight of all this was a letter to my son form our neighbor's kid. Day before yesterday my husband came home with a mail saying it is for Pranav from his friend. I was surprised and opened it , it read
" Pranav come back soon I am missing you and I love you" . My son was all happy and he later called and thanked his friend for the mail. It was very sweet and thank you for that.

When I think of all this I am always reminded of this quote

I am pretty sure all of you miss something or someone or being missed at some point of time in your life. Just be happy that you have some one to miss or being missed , all these are indications that you are  doing things right in your life and continue it. Stay tuned for more posts and as usual share your thoughts !!!!!

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