Friday, April 11, 2014

Do we really have control over everything in our life??

I think most of you must have read this post First year of marriage do's and dont's. In this I mentioned that you dont get to choose your birth, death, parents but when I think in those terms there are lot of things which we dont have control over or dont get to choose like
   *way you look
   *language we speak
   *country we  are born in
   *gender of kids
   *other people in your life

Certain things that we think we  have control or get to choose are
   *spouse (most people dont get what/who they want though)
    *friends (some friends keep coming and going in life only some stay in contact with you for a long time)
    *career (except those who are not forced to be an engineer or doctor)
    *things you want to own

Most of us have heard the term "destiny". The way we think, look all depends on our "genes". Most of us resemble our parents in looks and also the way we think. I can see that in my family. My son looks exactly like my husband but thinks like me and my daughter resembles me but she has my husband's characteristics. So with all this said why do we think we control everything in our life?. Of course we can change our name,religion,food habits ,learn new language but how many of us really think about this and make the change? ,I admire people who do take control and do it.  My whole point is think about this and  dont worry about things that are not in your control. Things you can control like eating good ,exercising to be fit. You have to realize that you are living life like playing a video game, most rules are laid out and there are  many surprises thrown at you and you have some life lines that you can use as you play the game. You all are doing your best to survive. This will help you lead a successful life.Please share your thoughts on this.
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