Sunday, June 22, 2014

Never pay full price at the gas station again .. ..Read more to know how.

Hello All, as usual a wonderful  and busy weekend. Went to a birthday party on Saturday and the kids had a fun time. Today morning went to a another birthday party at thinkery check out this post Thinkery, does it really make you think ?.Then went to the Austin Hindu Temple and headed back home. Just got done with the usual weekend work.
I am looking to buy a bike for my 31/2 year old son. He is 95% tall for his age. As far as I looked online I see that this Bike has good reviews. If any one of you have bought a bike for your kid and if it is cheap and best do add as a comment in this post. I'll check it out.
Gas prices traditionally increase during summer. This years summer is no different from last years. Usually people just gas up in a gas station near their home or office location and some others might just go to Costco if you have a membership. For us in South Austin the Costco here does not have a gas pump. Some ways to avoid paying full price at the gas station are :
*One of my friend suggested that I can use this website to find the lowest gas price in my area  Pump Patrol. Thanks a lot for this website I have just started to check it. Traditionally this is what we do
*We always use the Gas Buddy App on the phone to find a gas station with lowest price near where we are driving.
*Few months back we found out about this program called  Fuel Rewards Network. This is how it works Watch this Video.
Highlights of this card are:
*This is not a credit card, it is free to join and it is just a Rewards card.
*Online mall: This helps to reduce the price of gas per gallon even more when you shop with the master card linked to the fuel rewards card in stores like Home Depot, Macy's, Kohl's. For a complete list Click here.
*Dining and movies: There are lot of restaurants like Jack in the Box, Saps Thai cuisine in Austin ,check for the restaurants near your location.
*Grocery and other stores: You can earn more savings by linking to other grocery rewards card
*Car Rental: You can link this when you rent a car from Enterprise. If your card rentals is above $300 you get 20 cents off per gallon.
*Shop and rewards: You can get some savings for car wash and other things purchased at the gas station convenience store.

Steps to sign up:
* You have to sign up for a Fuel Rewards Card Fuel Rewards Network and when you gas up in any participating Shell Gas station you will receive 3 cents less per gallon instantly. When I signed up I received 20 cents off per gallon instantly when I filled gas for the first time.
*Then get a rewards card online or from a participating Shell gas station and enter the pin after you login to the account.
*Also if you link your Master Card Credit Card with this card and earn more cents less every gallon when you spend money for groceries in participating grocery,dine in and other stores.

Please write your comments and also other things you do to save money on gas. To read other related posts on Money Saving tips click here . Have a nice week ahead.
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