Saturday, May 10, 2014

What will I do without you mom ??

Happy mother's day to all the wonderful mommies out there. I just dont remember my life without my kids, they have overtaken all my priorities and of course my attention also.
Coming to my mom, I have so many wonderful memories about her. She is the only person who can relate to and understand me completely. My mom was also a working mom. Everyday evening  I will wait for her to come home and also will be more happy if she gets home early. Some days when she comes home very late I used to smell her sari/dress just to feel her presence. I dont know if my kids will also miss me this much. Those days I thought to myself that  I should be a stay at home mom.

                                              Me, my brother and my mom

Then I was with my grandparents and my dad when my mom was working in another city. She used to visit us only during weekends.  I used to wait for the weekend to arrive and be longer. I was so happy when her work got transferred to the city where I was living.
Then I missed her the most after I came to the US. Until she visited US there was a big gap between us as she could never understand what I was going through. Her first visit made us close again as she could see what life I was living and from then she could relate and she could understand things better.
During my wedding I could see what was running in her mind on her face. She was all emotional and could not take the fact that I was going to be a member of a different family. She has helped me with the delivery of both my kids.
Now after becoming a mom of two kids and working and managing everything I really wonder how she did it . Even now, whenever I have some issue  bothering me I will call her and tell her and she will give her thoughts on that. She is also very successful in her career and recently got a promotion in her job. I am really proud of you mom !!! . The very thought of her not being alive and around me freaks me out. But I know it will happen one day, and if it happens mom, what will I do without you?? who will listen to me and be my pillar of support? with whom I will share the stories of my kids? who will be such interested in me and my family? . I love you so much and hope I can spend more days with you. Happy mothers day.
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