Sunday, November 30, 2014

Where are we ????

Hello All, Hope all of you  enjoyed the thanks giving break and did shopping as well. We  had a nice break  and did a lot of  shopping and also did something that we have wanted to do for years. One very good deal suggested by our friend is a groupon for a robot cleaner , Click here to see the deal. I personally think this is a very good deal , you get a $599 cleaner for $199. You have one more day for the deal to be over.

Tuesday afternoon me and my husband  took off from work , went for lunch at "Thai Spice" the best Thai restaurant that you can find in Austin and then to a movie.We had to decide between "Dumb and Dumber to" and "Interstellar". We had to go to pick up the kids around  5 p.m.  I heard from one of my friend that you need to know "quantum physics" if you are  to watch interstellar. I was not very thrilled by that. Since this was our first movie together  alone after 4 yrs.... I just wanted to go "Dumb and Dumber to " and have a nice laugh and not think about  "physics" or anything for that matter and head out.

My husband really wanted to watch "Interstellar" since it was the movie to be watched in a big screen. Gosh !!! I just realized that these days we have no time to argue on anything. With 2 kids around, we are always running errands or have some chores to do. If at all there is an argument, we just say "No time for that now" and focus on next thing to do. Finally we decided to watch "Interstellar".

After we got out of the theater my husband  was so much awed by the story and the way the director had screened it.  Some things I never understood in the movie. My only comment was "The movie is too long".  My husband was so much into the movie that he never answered to any of my questions in the theater. I had them all in my mind. After we were out ,slowly I asked him each question , he looked at me and said " I am confused whether we both went to the same movie". My husband was still so much into the movie that he forgot directions  to my kids school. We went somewhere and then he asked " Where are we?? This movie made me forget everything now. Do you know where we are? "I have very bad direction sense check this post Common sense is common what about direction sense? but I never admit that to him. I just told him that because of the movie even I forgot everything :).   We figured out the directions and then he continued explaining.

After he explained I understood the entire plot  and thought to myself "We have already heard this type of story in our Hindu mythology based on time travelling" one such example is King Raivata of Sun dynasty who travels to see Brahma to Brahma-lok and Brahma explains about time difference in earth and brama-lok".The movie was amazing no doubt about that but I feel the story was  not anything novel , but I really appreciate  the director for bringing it to reality on screen and make people forget about everything else for those 2 and half hours. I am pretty sure that this movie will sweep many awards in Oscar. Please share your thoughts on this :)
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