Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What products do you buy "organic" certified??

Hello Everyone..Hope all are doing well.  It is summer and the temperatures are on a rise in Austin.
 I am always a big lover of home made yogurt. You will know that if you read this post Homemade Yogurt. Due to summer heat my yogurt is turning a little sour if I leave it overnight. So I try to make it during weekend and will watch it carefully to get it in the fridge before it gets sour. In winter it is the other way round. Due to low temperatures my yogurt will never be done however long I keep it, so I will have to keep it in the oven with little heating.
 I was browsing online on how to solve this issue and found out there is something called the Euro Cuisine yogurt maker. I was not aware of this product , looks like we can pour the milk and culture and this maintains a perfect temperature to get perfect yogurt irrespective of outside temperature.Problem solved!!!!!

Today's topic is about the "Organic" madness, that is what I like to call the present situation. Organic certified products are in a rise in the market and last week I saw "Organic dresses" for kids on the store that says it is made of organic cotton. I was not sure what that meant.

These are the things that I usually buy organic in our household
*Vegetables: Anything underground like carrots, red potatoes ,radish ,onions ,beetroot (we get these from Indian stores).
*Milk: I still remember how I had to convince my husband to make the switch to organic milk. We get a milk brand called "Mill King " from whole foods which tastes exactly like the milk we get in India and we all love it. It is non homogenized, low temperature  pasteurized without additive hormones and GM O's. Try this milk once and you will never be able to drink any other milk after that.
*Sugar:  I always get organic sugar from Costco. I made the switch from normal sugar after I read about the chemicals added to refine the sugar.
*Also it is safe to buy some fruits like strawberry and blueberries organic.
Other  than these things I dont buy anything organic. Please suggest other things that you buy organic certified and that will help all of us. 
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